Dear Songwriter,
Congratulations on being selected as a songwriter for TRIPLE CROSS OF TEXAS PUBLISHING, registered with A.S.C.A.P. (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.) or CROSS MY HEART OF TEXAS PUBLISHING, registered with B.M.I. (Broadcast Music Inc.)

Earnings can be substantial for the songs you have written, whether they are used as a theme, background music, actually sung or performed on camera, or sold over the Internet.

One of the primary roles of the publisher is to secure commercially released recordings by known artists. Another necessary and important service provided by the publisher is that of proper administration of musical compositions, registering copyrights, filing necessary information to mechanical and performing rights organizations, auditing record companies and other licensees, bookkeeping, negotiating licenses, and collecting monies due.

An important area of concentration for the publisher is the promotion of your songs for television series, made for-TV movies, theatrical motion pictures, and for the use as part of advertising campaigns. The publisher has the important responsibility of protecting copyrights and enforcing the exclusive rights that have been granted by you , the songwriter, and the copyright laws. There are a great number of actual and potential users of songs throughout the world: Record companies, film producers, television companies, web sites, video and audio booths, jukebox operators, restaurants, retail stores, theatrical productions. Because of this great number of potential users, publishers will spend a great deal of time and money to ensure that your songs are not used without permission and compensation.

The internet has a great influence on Music today with its web sites, pictures, information about the songwriter, song bites, downloads and sales. The Internet can add to a songwriter’s bottom line with $$$!!!

We will create your website with an autobiography describing you and your music and sound bites of each song so that a listener can download a single song or several songs, for a fee. The listener can also order the entire album right from your site!! Your website will be placed in a larger site with other songwriters. We advertise these sites to listeners all over the world!! Buyers listen to your song bites, if they wish to record your music they contact us for permission and payment.

There’s an old saying, “You have to climb out on the limb to get the fruit.” Invest in your future! As a songwriter, your next step is to sell your songs to the world! CROSS MY HEART OF TEXAS is a publisher that can put your songs before the people that are in the business of buying music!!
Call right now! Let us began together, now!

Ray Kiker
P. O. Box 494424
Garland, Texas 75049

Remember, all moneys made from downloads and CD sales from your web site goes to you, the songwriter. Thanks again.

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